Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas lights

In our house, Wednesday night is date night and every week we try to come up with something fun to do for our designated quality time.

This week we had an awesome date - we had dinner at home and then went to a nearby Nestle Toll House Cafe for dessert. We had never been to one before so we were anxious to see what it was all about. Turns out you can order a custom ice cream sandwich and you could even pick the flavor of cookies and ice cream you wanted for your sandwich. So cool! I got chocolate chip cookies with double fudge brownie ice cream and Dave got the same cookies with peanut butter cup ice cream. Mmmmmm!

After we enjoyed our dessert we took a trip around town to see some local Christmas light displays - and Gromit was happy to be able to come with us in the car. Dave had gone online ahead of time to map out some must-see locations for us.

The first house had a gate where you could actually get out of your car and go on the property to see the TONS of lights they had set up in the lawn. The line for this was around the block so we figured we would try to go earlier on another night to beat the line.

Our tour continued.

One house had a cute Charlie Brown display complete with a little Christmas tree and single ornament.


A lot of the houses we saw had a bunch of random lawn ornaments set up. It was almost too much to take in.


Then, the last house we stopped at was the best house we’ve EVER been to. Ever.

The lights were synced to music and you could tune in and listen on your car radio. Now we’ve seen this before (live and on YouTube) and it seems like people pretty much do one of two things: 1. They sync it to music that everyone else uses to sync lights to, like Trans-Siberian Orchestra stuff, or 2. They have waaaaay too many decorations out and it’s hard to take it all in because things are just blinking left and right and you feel like you might be sent into a seizure. But not at this house.

The music was different than anything we had heard before - there was something Disney-like about it. There weren’t too many decorations and there weren’t too many things on all at once. There were no crazy lawn ornaments, just lights. And get this… there were also synced water fountains and a waterfall.



It was perfect! The best Christmas light show we have ever seen. Even Gromit seemed to enjoy it.

This house is now permanently on my must see list… and I think I’ll be going back to see it again tomorrow. And the next night. And the night after that. You get the idea :-)

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  1. wow! those are super elaborate lights! pretty cool though. xx


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