Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Showers

First. let me just say that I am one lucky lady! I have three groups of people who are my support system and who I really care about (and they care about me too!). Each group threw me a very nice baby shower to celebrate Baby Bug’s impending arrival. Each shower was very special and unique and I am so grateful that there are people in my life who were generous enough to host these gatherings for me. I genuinely loved getting to spend time with family, friends and co-workers and celebrate this little life that will be joining us very soon.

Shower #1 - Family and friends in Colorado
My aunts (with the help of my mom, cousin and a family friend) threw me a fabulous shower in January (while I was still allowed to travel). The theme was an owl in a hot air balloon (since owls are a part of my nursery decor and both Dave and I have won photo contests taking photos of hot air balloons) and the theme was carried out in the invitations, cake, favors and decorations!


My aunt even made super cute cookies with the owl in the balloon but unfortunately my cookies were a bit damaged on the plane ride home. Oops. I should have taken a picture of them at the shower, while they were still perfect. Lesson learned.

Other than the crushed cookies the shower was wonderful! I got a chance to spend time with a lot of people who I don’t get to see as often as I used to since we’ve moved to California. And I was extra lucky that my brother, sister and sister-in-law flew in from Texas for the occasion! I wish we would have gotten a picture of the whole group, but luckily my mom got a few shots of individual tables.


But one of my favorite pictures from the day is of me and the grandmas-to-be! From left to right is Dave’s mom, me and my mom. Such a sweet picture!

Thank you to all of the family and friends who took the time to celebrate baby with me! It was so good to see everyone!

Shower #2 - Friends and family in California
My girlfriends Kendra, Margaret and Jennifer threw me a lovely baby shower the first weekend in March. From left to right below: Jennifer, Margaret, me and Kendra.

In attendance were many of my California friends (all from church), Dave’s aunts Jan and Cathy (who also live in California), my mom (from Colorado) and Aunt Pat (also from California). From left to right below: Aunt Jan, my mom, me, Aunt Cathy and Aunt Pat.

We had a great time playing games, eating and praying over Baby Bug. It was a very special day and I think all of the ladies who came to celebrate this little guy and welcome him into our church and California family!

Shower #3 - Co-workers
My last shower was thrown by some of my co-workers; Diana, Melanie and Marv. We had it at the grill on the winery property and just hung out, ate yummy food and (everyone but me) drank wine (because that’s kind of what we you do when you work at a winery).

I wish I would have taken more photos but I was too busy chatting with everyone. Oops! At least I have these two to share.

Thanks to all of my co-worker friends who came to celebrate Baby Bug’s arrival! I look forward to getting reacquainted with all of our wines with all of you once I’m able to sample again!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to one or more of my showers! I am definitely all set for baby’s arrival this week. We certainly do feel loved (and spoiled) and I look forward to sharing the news of Baby Bug’s arrival with all of you! Cheers!

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