Saturday, September 18, 2010

Balloon Classic

Way back (or so it seems) during Labor Day weekend Dave and I went to the Colorado Balloon Classic. It is something that we have done every year for a long time and something we both look forward to each year. Dave has been going since he was a little kid and has won a place in the photo contest at least 12 times over the years. Since I have joined the competition I have won twice. Now we are in stiff competition with one another to place this year. Because of this our main focus every year is taking great pictures to enter into the contest. This year I was lucky to be able to borrow my brother’s camera, but unfortunately I wasn’t used to all of the manual setting so I worry that I may have taken more over-exposed pictures than good ones. But I think I did manage to get a few decent pictures to enter.
 Balloons 2010
For the first time this year my parents and sister, Erin, came with us and were able to see what the Balloon Classic is all about. I think my parents had a good time and I know Erin had a good time taking some pretty good pictures of her own. Dave and I may have some tougher competition this year in the photo contest! We tried taking a picture of all of us during the Balloon Glo but it turned out a little fuzzy. You can still see us, sort of…

We rounded out the weekend with coffee and brunch with my good friend, Trisha as well as some much needed nap time when we got home. All in all it was a great Labor Day weekend and a nice break from the usual happenings. I hope you all had a great Labor day weekend too.

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