Monday, September 27, 2010

Ice blocking!

This weekend was a special weekend - Curtis (my brother) came to visit from Texas and he brought his girlfriend, Dache to visit with him! This is the first time that she has been able to meet the entire family and I certainly hope we haven’t scared her off!

On Saturday night we had a big family BBQ and afterwards the whole group of kids and significant others (Me, Dave, Curtis, Dache, Kelly, Erin and Zach) went Ice blocking. For those of you not familiar with this activity, you get some big blocks of ice, put a folded towel on top and then find a steep hill and slide down - like sledding without the snow! This is something that my siblings and I have done a few times before with youth group but this was the first time that Dave and Dache have attempted this, and they did really well!

I’m going to apologize ahead of time for the quality of these pictures - it was obviously dark outside and people were moving down the hill pretty fast!

Downhill Everyone went down on their own

Couples Then we went down in pairs

Fun Poses We even tried going down in funny poses!

Despite some bumps and bruises from falling off the ice blocks or hitting divots in the ground and flying off the ice we all had a great time hanging out and sliding down the hill. Leave it to us to go ice blocking at 10:30 at night in a park in the middle of suburbia. With this family, there is never a dull moment!

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  1. I LOVE ice blocking! It was one of our favorite things to do in our youth group too. We always took the hill at the Epic center. We'll need to try it again soon.


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