Monday, September 6, 2010

Tour De Fat

It was an incredibly busy Labor Day weekend, so I'll break it up into separate posts for both my sanity and yours.

It all started Saturday morning with the Tour De Fat. In case you're not familiar with this fabulous event, there is a great company, New Belgium Brewing, that really works to make a difference and promote sustainable living in many of the communities where they distribute their beer. Even the brewery itself is wind-powered. Its a great company that brews even better beer. You can't beat that. One of the specific things the company promotes is riding your bike when you can, so all over the country they host "Tour De Fat" bike parades and festivals to promote riding your bike and enjoying good beer. We participated in one such event in our town.

The idea is that you dress up in crazy outfits and bike along the parade route with 5,000 of your fellow bike riders; because when everyone is dressed crazy, nobody is. Its a fun event with a lot of wild, wacky costumes and tons of people just having fun on their bikes. Take a look:

Other Tour De Fat participants

Even Gromit joined in the fun dressed as Peter Pan

Me in my pink outfit

Dave in his pirate costume

One of the funny stickers handed out during the event

The whole thing is so much fun with all of the people, unique outfits, good beer and original entertainment and Dave and I enjoy participating each year. I'll leave you with a video of us waiting for the bike parade to begin and the punk rock marching band playing a tune for the crowd - you can't see the band very well but you can hear them and get a good view of what people are wearing and get an idea of how crowded it was. It gives you a good idea of what being at the event is like. Maybe we'll see you at next year's Tour De Fat!

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