Sunday, March 24, 2013

I’m a blogging slacker…

So the last eight weeks have been a blur. Between 50 hour work weeks, twice weekly nonstress tests, weekly doctor visits, every two weeks visits to the diabetes center, getting the baby’s room ready, spending time with Dave and trying to keep up with housework I’ve had little time (or energy) for blogging. I really hate when that happens in life because I love looking back and seeing what we were up to at different times in years past. But, since this has been a crazy time and I’ve been a total blog slacker I’ll just have to catch you up with things in bullet points!

  • This gestational diabetes thing really put a damper on our usual Valentine’s Day plans. Since I’m so restricted in what I can eat we decided to forgo any sort of special meal and just do an activity together. So, Dave found a play for us to go to! It was a Sherlock Holmes play and it was very nicely done. We enjoyed our night together we may just have to make a habit of going to more plays! I also don’t want to forget to mention the beautiful flowers and balloon that my wonderful husband personally delivered to my office on Valentine’s Day. That was so special and I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband :-)
  • Speaking of gestational diabetes… I am so over this. I mean, I would do anything for this kid to keep him healthy but I can.not.wait for the diabetes to go away. I am so done taking my blood sugar four times or more a day, having to go to nonstress tests twice a week and counting carbs at every snack and meal time is getting so old and all I want is a piece of pizza or a full plate of fruit or some creamer in my (decaf) coffee. You had better believe that I will do everything in my power to prevent diabetes in the future, as long as I can still have the occasional sweet :-)


  • My dad had knee surgery at the beginning of March and is doing pretty well, but is still recovering. Unfortunately his recovery is taking a bit longer than expected which means he won’t make it out to California for Baby Bug’s birth. As disappointed as I am that he won’t be able to be here, at least he’ll be feeling much better and will be able to move a little easier before making the trip to meet his first grandchild. Get better soon, Dad!
  • Dave and I really want to spend some more time enjoying our back yard this spring and summer and so we finally took the plunge and purchased an outdoor dining set. Well, maybe it was more like Dave convinced me it was a good idea when he showed me a cute dining set on sale at Target. If there are two things I can’t resist it is Target and a good deal! We’re enjoying it so far and look forward to spending more time outside very soon.

2013-03-23 11.28.03

  • Dave and I recently took a day trip to the San Francisco Zoo and we had a great time! It was fun to visit a new (to us) zoo and Dave really enjoyed taking pictures of the animals. I’ve posted a few of his photos from the day below.


  • My mom and Aunt Pat came to visit in early March and we were able to spend a good deal of time prepping the nursery for Baby Bug’s arrival! Since they have left I put the finishing touches on the room and am super excited to share photos of everything in a separate post. Stay tuned this week for that :-)
  • Speaking of getting ready for baby… we are all set for his arrival! The nursery is done, I have had a few wonderful showers thrown by family, friends and co-workers, the car seat bases have been installed and safety checked by the California Highway Patrol, my hospital bag is almost packed, the bassinet it set up in our bedroom and we managed to squeeze in some maternity photos. The showers and maternity photos will also get their own blog posts with photos.


  • Oh, and I forgot to mention that that Baby Bug will be here no later than FRIDAY! With gestational diabetes they don’t like to let you go past your due date, and it happens that my doctor is off duty on my due date (April 2) so I am being induced on Friday, if I don’t go into labor on my own before then. We can’t wait to meet this little guy!
  • Since I am so darn close to having this baby, I am officially on leave as of this past Friday. My doctor thought I was too stressed out to continue working at 38+ weeks pregnant so she told me I wasn’t allowed to work past March 22. So I wrapped up everything I could, handed things off to other people and am now home until June 24. Now I will (hopefully) have more time to update this little blog of mine. What a glorious 13 weeks this will be!

I think that mostly catches you up on everything. With my extra time this week I’ll be working to do a few more blog posts in preparation for Baby Bug’s arrival this weekend! We can’t wait!


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how everything was going. I can't believe you are almost at the finish line! I can't wait to see pictures of baby boy and you as a mom.
    P.S. Jeremy is looking at a professor really seriously in San Francisco for his postdoc and even though I was against California at first, your pictures are making me change my mind a little bit. No snow is almost a done deal for me.

  2. WooHoo! You're so close! How exciting. Can't wait to "meet" our little guy. :) You look great and soon you'll be over the gestational diabetes. Yay!


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