Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another winner!

It's a budding rivalry. Since Dave was little he has entered the photo contest for the Colorado Balloon Classic and over the years he has won a total of 12 times! He's a really great photographer and there are balloon photos all over the walls of his parents house as well as our own.

Last year was the first year that I had entered the photo contest and the first year that Dave had entered since he started college. We joked about being each other's competition in the contest and talked about what we would do if one person won and the other didn't... well... I placed 2nd in the professional division last year and he, sadly, didn't place at all.

The competition really began then. Dave swore that he was going to beat me this year and there was no way I could win again. We both took time to carefully select our entries into the contest and honestly (I think) evaluated each others photos in order to pick the best ones. We filled out the entry forms and mailed in our selections. We anxiously waited for the judging day to pass and then didn't let our cell phones out of our sites, waiting for a call to tell us we had won.

I got a call, Dave didn't.

This year I won 3rd place in the professional division. Clearly I was slacking since I didn't place in 2nd again, but I'll try harder next year. The competition is really on now. Dave is determined to beat me and I welcome the competition. Despite us joking about our rivalry, I really appreciate Dave being so supportive of me winning and being willing to drive two hours each way just so I could pick up my plaque, ribbon and bag of goodies at the 45 minute long award ceremony. Here is the winning photo and a picture from the ceremony last night. Enjoy!

This year's winning entry

We drove a total of four hours for that ribbon! Well worth it.

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