Sunday, November 22, 2009


It has been brought to my attention, by my English teacher BFF, that I may need to read some more books. To be honest, I haven't picked up a book since I graduated from college. I'm really not much of a reader... anymore. I used to read all of the time in elementary school and middle school. But when I would stay up until very late at night just to finish the mystery I was reading I would be tired and cranky the next day so I was "banned" from reading more than 20 minutes before bedtime. Maybe that killed my interest, maybe it was being forced to read books I didn't want to read and then writing reports on them in school, but either way, reading for leisure has not been a pastime of mine for a very long time.

I've decided that I need to read a book for fun. Who knows, maybe it can be a new hobby of mine! The problem is, where do I start? I know there are tons of great books out there but, how do I choose one?

Maybe I'll dive into the Harry Potter series since I like the movies, or maybe I'll jump into the Twilight series since I haven't seen either of the movies. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I should read? Any opinions on Harry vs. Twilight? Any advice is much appreciated! I want to pick a book before December, so bring on the comments!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!