Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday morning monoxide mystery

It has already been an eventful Monday morning… and I am ready for a nap. At 1:30 this morning I woke up to a strange beeping noise. I woke Dave up and told him to go to the living room and check it out. We couldn’t find the source of the noise in our apartment; it seemed to be coming from the apartment upstairs. The noisy people above us moved out yesterday (hooray!) so it couldn’t be an alarm clock or other electronic device. Because of the shortness of the beeps (four beeps then silent for 30 seconds) we figured that the fire alarm up there was running out of batteries and that there was nothing we could really do about it because nobody was living there. So we went back to bed, trying to ignore the beeping.

At 4:30 there was a loud banging on our front door. It was the fire department and they said that the carbon monoxide detector in the apartment above ours had been going off and they needed to check our apartment for carbon monoxide. It turns out our levels were low, but present. They told us not to worry and to go back to bed. Of course, we opened our window first.

Again we were woken up by banging on our front door at 5:45. It was the fire department and the Xcel energy technician. They said they were still trying to locate the source of the carbon monoxide and wanted to shut off our water heater to be safe. We were also told there there would be enough hot water for one shower. Boo. Luckily, Dave and I compromised on who got to use the hot water  ;-)

So, that’s been our morning so far. We’re going to keep some windows open today and have fans on so that Gromit is a little safer while we are at work. I hope they figure out what is going on soon!

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  1. That's kind of scary! I'm glad you guys are ok but what a sucky way to start off Monday morning!


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