Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sacred Marriage, Chapter 1

I have linked up with Jenn to do an online study of the book, Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas. Every two weeks we will be posting our thoughts and reactions to a new chapter in the book. This week, Chapter 1

Wow, I don’t know what exactly I expected from this book but what I read wasn’t what I thought I expected. It was better! I was really excited about what I read and was reading passages out loud to Dave. My Kindle is full of highlighted passages and I’m excited to share just a few of the things that stood out to me.

“To spiritually benefit from marriage, we have to be honest. We have to look at our disappointments, own up to our ugly attitudes, and confront our selfishness. We also have to rid ourselves of the notion that the difficulties of marriage can be overcome if we simply pray harder or learn a few simple principles.”

Um, wow. Reality check.

“We can run from the challenges of marriage… or we can admit that every marriage presents these challenges and asks us to address them head-on. If we find that the same kinds of challenges face every marriage, we might assume that God designed a purpose in this challenge that transcends something as illusory as happiness.”

There is a higher purpose than only happiness in our marriage and we are all challenged to get there. I like the idea that we all face challenges in marriage and that we are not alone or isolated in our challenges. How awesome is it that we are sort of all in this together, even in our individual marriages?!?

“But what both of us crave more than anything else is to be intimately close to the God who made us. If that relationship is right, we won’t make such severe demands on our marriage, asking each other, expecting each other, to compensate for spiritual emptiness.”

Again, wow. The words just spoke to me. God is #1 and if that isn’t how it is in our own lives, nothing else will fill that void for us.

I’m looking forward to continue reading this book, to seeking and being a support for others facing the challenges that God gives to them to make them and their relationships, with him and their spouse, stronger.

Thanks for sharing in my journey!


  1. Great post, that is pretty much what I got from the book too as I know I am not totally living up to the first Chapter. Kinda a reality slap in the face. But a good one to get me back on track personally.

    I am your newest follower :)

  2. You rocked the socks off this first post! I love the quotes you picked. And, couldn't agree more with everything you have to say. I know one of my goals in growing as a person is dealing with looking at those ugly truths about myself. I think my husband should be given sainthood for how well he puts up with me. But, he shouldn't have to. I need to grow and learn how to become a better partner and wife. Thanks for sharing this study with me. I'm really excited to be a part of it!

  3. I could totally relate to the highlighted Kindle part. My notes section is already full and its just the first chapter! I'm so excited to delve deeper into this book!

  4. Great points! I agree - we are all in this together, and that is a great comfort. I'm excited to see what this book has in store for all of us.

  5. I am loving this book too! I have been thinking these things for a couple of years now, after facing some of these challenges from God in my own marriage. There have definitely been some things that God has shown me that had to change. I am grateful that He uses such a loving way -- through my kind husband -- to guide me and mold me. LOVE this idea. Loved your post -- looking forward to reading more of your posts in this book!

  6. Awesome Sarah -- question for you, are you and Dave reading this together? Or just you and sharing it with him? Interested to see if it would be more effective as a couple book or just reading on my own... of course it depends on the willingness of my husband of course :)

    Great post!


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