Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First few days in California


We’re in California! We’re settling into our new house, but only got Internet service this afternoon- so, sorry for the sporadic updates. We’ve been pretty busy over the last few days! We got a refrigerator with an ice maker! I’ve never had an ice maker before so I’m totally excited.


We bought and set up a new entertainment stand and bed frame.


After four years of marriage I finally filled, labeled and organized my spice rack (given to us as a wedding present).


And Gromit has been enjoying his new backyard.


We also got a new washing machine and dryer courtesy of my parents (thank you!). The washer arrived yesterday but the dryer was damaged, so they are delivering a replacement tomorrow afternoon. We got most of the big stuff out of the way (fridge, washer, dryer, cable, internet, kitchen unpacked, entertainment stand set up, bed frame put together) and now I can continue to unpack boxes and organize when Dave goes back to Colorado tomorrow to defend his dissertation on Friday! Finally!

So far, we are loving our new place! Now back to that stack of unpacked boxes…

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  1. That is a truly awesome spice rack! lol I'm so glad you're getting settled. Gromit looks incredibly happy. I hope you love it there!


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