Sunday, September 4, 2011

Moving out

Well, we have completely moved out of the apartment which we have called home for the last two years. Not only that, we have packed up our life for the big move, not another place in town, but, out of the state. It has certainly been a long and emotional week for us.

The packers came on Thursday and put everything we own into boxes. They started in the back rooms and just threw anything they came across into a box and moved throughout the place filling box after box after box. Soon there were boxes stacked to the ceiling in every room, even filling the hallway. They seemed to do it so quickly! It was weird to think that our entire lives were packed into those boxes, ready to move across the country.



On Friday the movers came to load everything onto a big truck. Again, it was amazing to watch how quickly they were able to move everything out. These guys would strap a few boxes at a time to their backs and just carry it out to the truck like it was no big deal. More power to them. I was so glad not to have been a part of that process, other than being an observer. Oh, and to all of our wonderful friends who have helped us move in the past, you’re welcome for not asking you to help this time. Just thank Dave’s new company for footing the bill for the packing and moving. This is definitely the way to move!




Before we knew it the apartment was empty and we were left to clean (thanks, Mom!), sort through a few things and pack our cars with the things we needed to take to California ourselves. We spent Friday night in the apartment, in our sleeping bags before packing up and heading out on Saturday morning.



The most stressful part of the week was being told by our moving coordinator that we will have only 24-72 hours notice before our stuff arrives at our new place in California - and that it may or may not beat us there due to their very large delivery window. Long story short, this next week will be very interesting for us in terms of determining how, who and when we move out there. We are currently staying with family and friends while I finish my last week of work and until we can figure out when Dave will be officially finished with his PhD defense and until when we find out when we need to arrive in California to supervise the unloading our stuff from the moving truck. Stay tuned for what I’m sure will turn out to be another crazy week.

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  1. This seems like such an easy way to move. We definitely need to do this next time- moving is such a pain! Hope you get through this week without it being to crazy :)


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