Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tennessee Day 2: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Today was a really fun day! We got up this morning and took a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Dave and I love national parks and taking scenic drives and hikes. It was too bad that today was kind of rainy and really cloudy and foggy and we really couldn’t see much beyond the side of the road for a lot of our drive. I’m definitely not a fan of this fog and I hope the weather gets nicer soon; especially for Curtis and Daché’s wedding day! Really, Tennessee, some blue skies and sun would be really nice. Still, we really enjoyed the green scenery, roaring rivers and thick density of the forest here in Tennessee. It is much different from what we are used to in Colorado.

Smoky Mountains
For dinner we met back up with my family as well as friends (and Best Man) John and his wife Casey while my parents, Daché’s parents and Curt & Daché all went out to dinner on their own. We went to a local place called O’Charleys and they had some pretty good food! On the way back to the hotel we stopped to pick up Chinese food for my grandma, who didn’t feel up to coming out to dinner with us (and I don’t blame her because we are a rowdy bunch). I went into the restaurant and the guy behind the counter was on his cell phone talking in Spanish. I waved at him, picked up a menu and looked it over while he was still chatting away. I was ready to order so he grabbed a pad of paper and nodded to me to order, all while still on his phone. I had to point to the menu items I wanted while he wrote down my selections, showing the paper to me to verify that he wrote down the correct items ALL WHILE STILL ON THE PHONE! How rude! When he went to take my order back to the kitchen I got on my phone and wrote a review of the customer service at the restaurant on Google. Justice! Seriously, I couldn’t believe how rude that was but at least Grandma got the food she wanted. All’s well that ends well, right?

DSC07102 This is our group at dinner. From the left is John, Casey, Kelly, Erin, me, Dave and Mark. Wild group, I know.

We had a fun day today, but I can’t wait until tomorrow. The ladies are getting our nails done, the guys are having a man breakfast (whatever that means) and then we have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner later in the day. I can’t believe this wedding is only two days away!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. I'll be praying the weather improves for Saturday. Have fun getting all prettied up today. Give Curt a hug from me. I still can't believe he's getting married. :)


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