Friday, April 1, 2011

Tennessee Day 3: Rehearsal

The girls all met up this morning to get manicures and pedicures before the big day. We had a lot of fun sipping Starbucks drinks and chatting about the wedding and honeymoon plans while enjoying the leg and hand massages included with our mani/pedis. Ahhhh, it was wonderful. While we were enjoying the spa the boys all went out to breakfast together and then went to pick up their tuxedos and do a little “man shopping”. Whatever that is…

Later in the afternoon we all met back up for the wedding rehearsal at this very beautiful chapel on a huge backcountry property. See the picture of it below. They did an almost full practice of the wedding ceremony and Daché started crying, which made Curt cry, which made just about everyone else in the chapel cry. I think we’re all going to need to bring the Kleenex tomorrow for the real deal.


After the rehearsal we all caravanned to the rehearsal dinner and a local hotel. FYI, in my opinion, Tennessee drivers are terrible. Hardly anyone here uses a turn signal and I and other members of my family were cut off numerous times on the drive to the dinner. Mix that with the heavy fog on the roads and it makes for one panicked me. I think Dave is considering drugging me the next time we have to drive anywhere.

Tomorrow is the big day! We have early hair appointments and then pictures scheduled before the wedding so I had better get to bed so I don’t have bags under my eyes. Be sure to check back for wedding pictures! I’ll also do my best to tweet some pictures during/after the ceremony at 4:00 ET. Feel free to follow along at!

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  1. Fun! I love girl time. Nothing like Starbucks and manis/pedis. It's making me get excited for Alli's wedding.


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