Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tennessee bound

In 24 hours we will be headed to Tennessee for my little brother’s wedding. It’s hard to believe that he’s getting married!

Despite my best efforts, I am not packed yet. I tried hard to be packed by now but we had a busy weekend celebrating Dave’s Grandma’s 81st birthday (hooray!) and I had to do some work from home. I also spent a good amount of time doing laundry to make sure that nearly every article of clothing we own was clean so we had the option of taking it on the trip. However, my biggest hang-up is that the control freak in me can’t decide what I want to wear during the trip. I swear I have made four separate packing lists and outfit lists and am still not sure that what I have on my most recent list is what I’m actually going to pack. I had better figure this out soon because I’m running out of time!

81st Birthday Party
I got up early this morning to iron and steam some clothes for the trip and to get Gromit packed for what we call “puppy camp” where we board him when we take long trips. I bet the employees at the kennel think I’m nuts because I pack Gromit’s food, treats, bone, blanket and favorite toy for him and insist the blanket and toy stay with him in the kennel at night. When I think about it, it is silly that we treat Gromit like a child by making sure he has comfort items with him away from home but I’m ok with it and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, right?

The next few days should be fun and interesting. I’m going to try to post each night so stay tuned for stories and wedding pictures! I can’t wait for this trip!

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  1. How exciting! Definitely post pictures of the wedding!
    And I'm the same way with packing, I can never decide on the outfits I'm going to wear so I pretty much just pack my entire closet. =)
    Safe travels!


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