Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bridal Shower-In-A-Bag

What do you do when you want to host a bridal shower for someone, but they, and most of the guests you would invite to the shower, live out of town? Throw them a bridal shower-in-a-bag!
This shower was the brainchild of my Aunt Beth and Aunt Pat. They really wanted to host a bridal shower for Daché but since she lives in Texas and all of the invitees live in Colorado it just wasn’t going to work out. So, born was the idea of a bridal shower-in-a-bag.
The plan was to send bags of bridal shower goodies to the would be attendees, as if they had attended a bridal shower, but instead of going to an event just asking them to send a personal note, recipe and monetary gift to Curtis and Daché to help support their honeymoon trip to the Bahamas. Pretty cool, huh?

So my Aunt Beth, Aunt Pat and cousin Vanessa all put together the plans, ordered the goodies and printed all of the materials for a “Bahamas-themed” shower-in-a-bag. I helped with the invitation poem and making decisions on which goodies to include in the bag. Beth, Vanessa, Maddie, my mom, Erin and I met to put the bags together for all of the shower invitees and Daché. Later that day Erin went out to deliver all of the bags to invitees. Once all of the gifts were mailed back to Beth, she sent Daché all of the gifts, notes and recipes as well as a goodie bag of her own. What a fantastic way to throw a party!
Here we all are putting the bags together:

Blog Collage

The finished bag included: the invitation on pedicure flip flops, an instruction card, a card to write a note to the couple, a hand-shaped clip, a recipe card, paper pouch with cherry & lemon Enstrom’s fondant candies and espresso & coconut filled chocolates, gummy flip flops, warm cookie scented sachet, goji berry tea packet, custom made Bahamian Honeymoon CD, a flip flop notepad, palm tree pen, custom “mint to be” mint tin, emery board, banana chips, sea shell soap and homemade palm tree, sun, fish and flip flop cookies!


By the way, check out the close up picture of the cookies.


My Aunt Pat handmade and decorated these cookies for the bags. Seriously, wow. The rest of the family thinks she could go into business making cookies. What do you think? She reads my blog, so be sure to let her know what you think of her cookies in the comments. I’m sure it would make her day!

So if you ever need to host an out of town bridal shower for someone, a bridal shower-in-a-bag is a really fun solution! We hope the invitees enjoyed the goodie bags and the process (easier than traveling to a shower or shipping gifts, right?) and we also hope Daché enjoyed her bag and gifts!


  1. How creative is your family?!
    And yes, those cookies are ABSOLUTELY amazing! I never would have guessed they are homemade

  2. What a fun/great idea! I love it. I agree, those cookies look amazing. Your aunt should definitely go into the cookie making business. :)

  3. How fun!! That is what of the most creative ideas I've ever heard of before. I'm sure Dache appreciated all the hard work you ladies put into her shower. =)


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