Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend cabin trip

This past weekend we were invited to a cabin up in the “mountains” with some of the couples from our church small group, and we had a blast! We were just above 5000 feet in elevation which was almost like being back in Denver, but certainly not quite like being in the familiar Colorado mountains.

The area was beautiful with super tall trees and…


wait for it…




I hadn’t seen snow since July, so I was super excited to see the area covered in that familiar white powder. Ahhhhhhh! Beautiful.

We drove up on Friday night and played some games with the other couples and just hung out. On Saturday all but me and one other gal (also named Sarah and who has a cutie pie 3-month-old daughter) went skiing/snowboarding. Sarah and I had fun playing with the baby and I also was able to catch up on some of my digital scrapbooking. It was soooooo relaxing. This is one of my finished scrapbook pages from the weekend:


Dave had a great time skiing (like he always does) and the group came back from the slopes tired and hungry. We spent Saturday night eating good food, watching YouTube videos, talking, and playing more games. It was a blast!


It was such a great time and we loved getting to know some of the other couples better. We were sad to go on Sunday but we were so glad that we made the trip!

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