Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It has been a while sine I’ve participated in What I’m Loving Wednesday and I’m excited to be back!

I’m loving California! I will always be a Colorado girl at heart, but I am loving this state too. The beach is less than an hour away in one direction and the mountains are about two hours away in the other direction. Can’t beat that!

I’m loving! I have used this site before to create custom postage for our wedding and holiday cards, print holiday and moving cards, and print invitations. I just design everything in Photoshop, upload my file and, voila! Custom designed stuff. Recently they have added a whole bunch of new products that you can print on, like throw pillows, napkins, placemats, and kitchen towels! I don’t know why this makes me so darn excited, but it totally does. Hello custom everything! (No, they didn’t pay me to say this, I just love it so much!)

I’m loving wine. No, not because it’s fun to drink (well, it is), but because of my new job at a winery I have a whole new appreciation for it. I am learning so much about the wine making process, different kinds of grapes, what can give the same varietals different flavors, how vintage can affect taste, etc. And now that I’ve had the chance to sample many of my company’s wines, I’m hooked on them for life.

I’m loving that my mom, dad, and youngest sister are coming to visit on Friday! So far my aunt and uncle have been the only ones to visit since we moved, so it will be nice to have some other visitors. We have plans to check out San Francisco, do some wine tasting, and go out to eat at some fun places. I can’t wait!

And, of course, I’m loving these two guys!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. a job at a winery sounds like so much fun!I think I'd love that too!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  2. Aww your dog is adorable! Also, a job as a winery sounds awesome!


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