Friday, December 10, 2010

Novembeard - Day 31

Sadly, this will be the last Novembeard picture. The 30 days are up and after this picture was taken Dave trimmed up his shaggy beard.

He still has the beard, just a shorter and more trimmed version. He’s debating whether to keep the beard or go back to the goatee. Thoughts? I vote for goatee…

Well, it has been fun doing Novembeard with you all this year. Maybe Dave will participate again next year or maybe he’ll switch over to Movember and put his facial hair growth to use and raise money for prostate cancer and the Livestrong foundation. We didn’t know about it before we started Novembeard but I think it is a great idea because, you know, charity is kind of my thing. So long, shaggy beard!

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  1. I vote for goatee as well... I have loved these blogs Sarah!


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