Monday, October 26, 2009

One more room!

Our never-ending move is finally coming to an end! Everything in our new apartment is finally unpacked, organized and functional! All except for the office...

There are a good 20ish boxes of junk that we need to go through and decide whether or not we need to find a place for it here or if it should go to storage. The problem is, by the end of moving out of the other place we got lazy with packing and a lot of random things ended up in boxes; and that's what we have left to unpack. Yuck!

We've done so well unpacking and organizing and even decorating for Halloween, but we're running out of steam. I really need some more motivation to keep going through the rest so I can finally say, we're done. Anybody want to help? I didn't think so...

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  1. I loathe unpacking those special boxes that have a variety of things, especially after you unpacked nearly everything else. Ugh! I feel your pain and I'm not even doing the same thing. Wish I had some advice on how to do it quickly and painless, but all I can offer is put on some good music and just get after it! Or, if you don't need stuff in a box, just leave it there!!!


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