Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy Rap

Surely by now you have heard about Balloon Boy and his un-adventure across the Colorado sky on Thursday. If not, find the story here.

The breaking news kept me entertained all of Thursday and as I was updating Twitter for work the strangest links kept popping up about the story. I found out about the family's two Wife Swap episodes here and here, a YouTube music video made by the family (warning: it's a little vulgar) and even a shirt and hat had already been designed on Zazzle. Too funny!

The best of everything I have seen that has come out of this story is the following Facebook posts. A friend of a friend started this and I couldn't help but to steal it and post it here. I removed the names and photos. Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...

In case the image is too fuzzy for you:
  • and i'd like to take a minute just sit right there and i'll tell you how i took off in a balloon filled with hot air
  • in eastern colorado born and raised
  • chasin' tornadoes is how i spent most of my days
  • chillin' in a basket laxin' all cool and shootin some helium out by the pool
  • when a couple of winds who were up to no good started pushing me out my neighborhood
  • I took one little flight and my mom got scared
  • She said you're moving with your new mom from Wife Swap in a balloon filled with hot air.
  • I. fell. out of a box and wont turn 7 or 8
  • and i yelled to the balloon, "Going down, smell ya later!"
  • the Google Earth'd me on Wolf Blitzer,I was finally there
  • Safe in my home, known as the Prince of the Air
  • I hid in my garage, the falcon who never went in the air.

Thank you, Balloon Boy, for providing me with so many outlets for a much needed laugh!

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