Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Midsummer Night’s Swap Package!

I received my Midsummer Night’s Swap package from my partner Laurie over at Life In Motion. In case you missed it, the purpose of the swap was to swap items that you would use on a summer evening.

Laurie and I chatted over email about what we like to do on summer evenings and I shared with her that we love to grill (well, Dave grills, but I love to prepare the food and eat it!) and have a glass of wine on our patio. This is what Laurie sent me:


The are skewers, a book, corn tray and holders set, frozen popsicle molds, burger seasoning and a sandwich & chip basket set. How fun! I know Dave and I will definitely enjoy using these items throughout the summer. The seasoning smells so good and I can’t wait to use it on some hamburgers or steak this week! Yum!

Laurie, thank you so much for the wonderful treats! This was certainly a fun summer pick-me-up!

Be sure to go and check out Laurie’s blog over at Life In Motion! Thanks again, Laurie!


  1. So glad you got it and it got there all in one piece. Hope you have as much fun usinag it as I had picking it out :)

  2. What a perfect package for summer! I want that! =)


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