Monday, May 2, 2011

The best birthday ever

This past weekend we celebrated my 27th birthday! On Friday night Dave and I went to the drive-in (one of my favorite things to do) and saw Fast Five and Adjustment Bureau. On Saturday we went to dinner with my parents and youngest sister. Do you watch South Park? Have you ever seen the episode where Kyle has his birthday party at a restaurant called Casa Bonita and doesn’t invite Cartman so he devises a plan to get invited? Well, the point is that Cartman makes Casa Bonita sound like this really awesome restaurant that is really exciting to go to. Check out a clip from the show below: (fair warning, you may hear a dirty word or two)

Well, if you’re not from Colorado then you may not know that Casa Bonita really exists! (This was a surprise to some people from out of state who lived in my hall in the dorms during my freshman year of college.) Anyway, we went to Casa Bonita for dinner on Saturday night since we haven’t been there in a long while. To my Colorado friends, the food has greatly improved! Just like in the South Park clip, we got sopapillas by raising the flag at our table, watched the cliff divers, walked through Black Bart’s Cave, and had Happy Birthday sung to us by the mariachi band. The only things we didn’t do were watch the puppet show and get our fake jail pictures taken (it was $12.95 and not worth it). Check out the pics from the real Casa Bonita - it looks pretty much identical to the South Park representation.


But the best part of my birthday weekend? I finally got what I really wanted... a serious discussion and plan for starting a family! I have had terrible baby fever ever since my friends started having babies and the fever had gotten worse with every pregnancy announcement and birth of another tiny miracle. Whenever I would bring up the subject of having kids Dave's answer was "eventually" or something along the lines of "after I graduate, get a job, we buy a house, pay off my student loans and save tons of money". His answers made sense logically, but still my heart and womb ached for something more tangible. But in the last few weeks his heart has changed a bit, thanks in part to playing with an almost two-year-old at my brother's wedding (and seeing how I interacted with her) and to him turning 30 and realizing that time is passing faster and faster and no time may ever be the "perfect" time to start a family. And I have to think that my constant prayer about this made some sort of impact, too. Haha! While the details of our plan are ours alone, I can definitely say that we will still be waiting for Dave to graduate a get a job with a decent salary before we start trying, so don't get too excited just yet.

My heart is at peace because we finally have a real plan. I am no longer anxious or impatient about "eventually" because I know what and when I'm looking forward to. I am so in love with my wonderful husband and I am so thrilled that we are both emotionally ready to take this next step in our marriage. It is going to be an exciting ride!


  1. I have chills! I'm so excited for you two. You're going to be awesome parents!!!

  2. I completely know the feeling of having baby fever and having a husband who is not quite in the same place. I am so glad that he is warming up to the idea. You will be thankful you waited until you are "ready"!! I am so excited for you guys!


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