Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prom, BT and a Baby Shower

We had a busy but excellent weekend! So busy that it has taken me this long to blog about it. Ha!

On Saturday afternoon I went to my parents’ house to help my youngest sister, Erin, get ready for her Senior Prom. I have no idea how she became old enough to be graduating from high school! She went to the dance with her boyfriend of almost two years, Zach. They are certainly a cute pair, aren’t they?!?


I got the chance to develop my photography skills at the group “photo session” where everyone in their prom group gathered at someone’s house for pictures. My friend, Susan, who is a professional photographer is letting me borrow one of her old cameras to practice on so I can learn more about the manual settings, lighting, aperture, etc. I have certainly had a great time testing the camera settings in different situations and seeing what I can come up with! Clearly, I still have a lot to learn.

On Saturday night Dave and I headed out to Beta Night Club to see BT live! It was soooo much fun! We love electronic music and jump at most opportunities to see performers that we love. We usually like to be close to the performer because I love to watch them mix music. My feet were killing me after standing on that cement floor for over three hours, but it was totally worth it! I somehow managed to get a couple of good pictures of BT! Most of the ones I took had other people’s hands in front of his face, so I was thrilled to get two good ones! (Disclaimer, I took the club pictures with my point and shoot, NOT with Susan’s nice, professional camera! I promise I am taking good care of that great camera!)


On Sunday I had the honor of throwing a Baby Shower for my friend, Trisha, and her hubby, Chris. They are expecting a little girl in July and I can’t wait to meet her! We had a yummy brunch, played baby Pictionary, guessed the names of some famous mothers and fathers, tasted some baby food and tried to guess what flavor it was and had a beer chugging contest for the boys - but they had to drink the beer out of baby bottles! It was a really fun time! One of my favorite things about the party was the cake! It was so cute! No, I didn’t make it, I ordered it from one of the best bakeries that I know of - I am sooo not talented enough to make that cute of a cake. I did, however, make the favors which were “bun in the oven” muffin mix. I got some muffin mixes and put them into cute bags, tied them with ribbon and made custom labels for the front. Voila! Cute, fun and tasty favors!


We certainly had a great weekend, and we’re looking forward to more fun events this coming weekend!

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