Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fantastic weekend! We decided to pack up on Friday afternoon and head up to the mountains to do some camping on this glorious three day weekend. It was our first time out this year and it was a fantastic trip. Check out the view we had from our campsite.

On Saturday our friends Brianna and Rob came up to spend the day and night with us. We went on a beautiful hike and enjoyed the near-perfect weather as we headed up the mountain side.

On our way back to the campsite later that afternoon we ran into a hail storm. It was raining really hard when we jumped out of the car and made a dash for the tent - just in time for the rain to turn into hail! No good!

The forecast for the day was supposed to be sunny and hot and I was quite unhappy to be so cold and to not have packed enough warm clothing to keep my body temperature hot. We spent the rest of the afternoon under our canopy positioned over the picnic table playing Phase 10 with Brianna and Rob while Gromit took a nap in his camp chair (so he didn't get muddy laying on the ground).

It finally stopped hailing and raining and we were able to enjoy a nice dinner and s'mores complete with peanut butter - my favorite! It was so cold that night from all of the rain and hail that Gromit ebded up sleeping in my sleeping bag with me. He scooted all the way to the bottom and curled up next to me and stayed there all night. What a cutie!

On Sunday we all took a scenic drive and even took a little walk on the hunt to see a moose, but ended up unsuccessful. Oh well, maybe we'll find one next time.

After Brianna and Rob left Dave and I walked around our camp ground and I had a little too much fun taking pictures and playing with the macro setting on my camera. I'll spare you from posting all of the 222 pictures I took on this trip and just show you a couple of my favorites.

We woke up this morning and packed everything up and headed home. I truly love going camping, but there's nothing like a hot shower and a flushing toilet to come home to.

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did. Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. That was a great trip! I'll post some pictures later this week! You guys are so fun to hang out with!


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