Friday, December 18, 2009

Road trip: Day 2

Ah, people's true colors show on day two of the road trip. Kelly (sister 1) woke up with a cough and some goop in her eye and Erin (sister 2) won't let Kelly go anywhere near her because she can't get sick before her surgery next week (on her hip). Much drama has stemmed from this basic issue and has not been great to listen to all day. Good thing my favorite thing to do during road trips is sleep!

Despite some wrong turns, a gas station with malfunctioning computers and heavy traffic through a major city due to multiple accidents, it was a good day. We made fairly good time to our final destination, partly due to my dad refusing (ok, suggesting but was also the driver) to stop for lunch. I'm sure glad I brought snacks!

We made it to Curtis' house in one piece, grabbed some dinner and drinks, picked up my aunt from the airport and relaxed back at the hotel. Now it's time for bed so we can get up early to get good seats at the graduation. Funny, I thought this was a sort of vacation but I don't even get to sleep in! Then again, I guess my brother's college graduation is worth waking up early for. You're lucky I like you, Curtis ;-) Goodnight!

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