Monday, September 15, 2008

Random act of camping

Each weekend we are making an effort to do something fun. The reason for this is because I tend to focus on all of the weekend projects that could be accomplished and I rarely plan big activities outside of pre-planned family events and going out with friends. And since Dave works most every Saturday he enjoys making time to do fun things with me - not just housework! So this past Saturday before we both went to work we were talking about driving up to the mountains on Sunday to look at the changing Aspen trees. I then had a crazy idea that we could just pack up that afternoon and spend the night in the mountains. So in between our work and meeting schedules we decided that we would go camping despite the online campground reservation system saying that no campsites were available and the temperature low for the evening being 36 degrees.

When we both returned home we grabbed our camping gear, warm clothes and some just-add-water type foods and headed out. We had no reservations, no real plan and no idea where we would end up resting our heads for the evening. After an hourish drive we arrived at our destination and set out to find a campground. The very first place we found had a site available for the night- YES! We set up camp and began cooking dinner... er... boiling water for our freeze dried meal. We had a lovely dinner and then discovered that if you add peanut butter to a regular s'more it's the best tasting camp dessert! Try it!

To our disappointment the Aspen leaves had not yet begun to change to Autumn colors, but we were surprised by what was happening this time of year; the elk in the area were VERY active and they were buguling all night and all the next day. The next day, instead of driving around to see changing trees we drove around to see the elk. Here are a few pictures:

I think I'll be spontaneous more often! We had a fantastic time and, to my surprise, the world didn't end when I didn't finish all of the laundry that weekend.

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