Monday, September 29, 2008

Be in my sorority!

So my sister, Kelly, is going through sorority recruitment this week. As of last night my beloved sorority is her second choice. UGH! Not only is she rushing the exact chapter I was in, I’m still involved there as an alumnae! I’m not too thrilled about her first and third choices either so that makes me want her to be in my sorority more than ever.

Part of me has reservations about her joining because it has kinda been my thing for the past five years and I really love feeling important as an alumna at that chapter – but it would also mean so much to me to be able to share that wonderful part of my life with my biological sister! I know that my sorority has the best program on campus right now and that all of the girls there are absolutely wonderful and that she would feel so welcome and have a fantastic experience.

I know she really likes those other two houses too but I really think she would thoroughly enjoy being in my chapter and not regret her decision to do so (like she might if she joins one of the other two houses). So, Kelly, if you’re reading this – BE IN MY SORORITY!

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