Monday, February 17, 2014

Day at the museum

Hello family and friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I hate that! Work has been crazy for me lately and, unfortunately, blogging is one of the first things on the list of things I don’t have the time for. Hopefully I’ll get around to retroactively posting a few things here soon.

Anyway, today is President’s Day and both Dave and I had the day off of work. We slept in (after an early wake-up from the little guy, but eventually got him back to sleep), had a delicious brunch, hug out around the house for a while and then went to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. We weren’t sure how Carter would do, but we read online that there were exhibits for younger kiddos so we figured it was worth trying out. Turns out, Carter had the time of his life!


We started in the “Wonder Closet” which is designed for kids ages four and under. In the baby room Carter had fun shaking tubes and dancing along while an employee played songs, crawling up wavy stairs, banging on a xylophone, seeing himself in a three-sided mirror area and watching lights dance around the room in a giant kaleidoscope.






After that we went to the water play area. We knew he would love this because he loves to splash around in the bath tub and play with the water.


It was so cute that they had “waterproof” smocks for the kiddos to wear. Too bad it wasn’t very effective – C would sink his whole arm in the water and the water would pool in the sleeve and then when he raised his arms up the water gushed out the arm and onto his clothes. Oh well, he still had a blast!



Finally, we went to the bubble area to see how he would react. Let’s just say, this may have been his favorite part of the day…

Oh, that laugh! I’ll never get enough of it! There was a machine making bubbles and letting them float to the floor – that’s what we were “popping”. So fun. And then there was a tube blowing air that we dipped in bubble solution to make a big bubble and Carter loved popping those, too. He was already soaked from the water area so a little bubble goo on top of that was no big deal.



Carter had so much fun that he fell asleep on the way home with a half-finished bottle in one hand and a little shaker toy/rain stick that Daddy bought for him in the other. Sweet kid.

It was a wonderful day! We loved watching Carter experience new things and learn and play in a new environment. We hope to have many more family days like this in the future!

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