Friday, July 31, 2009

It could happen to you... well, maybe not

There are things that happen in my life that I swear only happen to me. I should post more of them on here because there are some really entertaining stories. Some may call them blond moments and others may call them coincidences but I just call it funny. Two of these things happened to me on Wednesday...

First, we were doing a Pampered Chef show at work as a fundraiser and our wonderful consultant asked me to set up our break room microwave where we were having the show so she could demonstrate how fantastic the Pampered Chef stoneware is (and boy, it really is fantastic!). I went to move the microwave from the break room to the conference room and noticed how dirty it was - how embarrassing! I absolutely needed to clean it because it would be awful for all of these donors to see how disgusting the microwave was so I set it on the table, grabbed a sponge, sat down and went to work. The top of the microwave was the worst and I couldn't quite get the best scrubbing angle to clean it so I decided to flip it over so the top would become the bottom and I could get some more leverage to scrub it clean. All was well until I decided I needed more soap on my sponge and turned to my right, standing up at the same time and somehow caught my shirt collar on the door latch. It pulled the latch to my chest and the edge of the latch cut my breast in a scratch about three inches long and then it started to bleed! Who in the world cuts their breast on a microwave door?!? Me, that's who. I ran to the first aid kit in the warehouse looking for gauze or a big band-aid and thank goodness my buddy Selena saw me before any of the guys did! She quickly helped me to hold down the gauze pad while I put medical tape around it. Good grief!

On a side note, the cooking show was great, even though I had that lovely bandage sticking out of my blouse. If you want to have your own Pampered Chef show, I highly recommend Danae, our energetic, fun-loving volunteer who just happens to be a consultant. Let me know if you want her contact info.

Second, there were some folks who attended the cooking show and were lingering afterward so the other staff members in attendance were going to leave while I stayed to help clean up (this is that joy of being the event planner). When all of the guests finally left I was helping our consultant carry all of the wonderful Pampered Chef products out to her car and as we went to go back inside to get the rest we discovered the doors were locked - how embarrassing! I'm happy to say that my keys to both my car and the building were safe inside the building. At least I had my cell phone as was able call my boss (who we later found out was the one who locked the doors without telling me) and have him drive back out and let us into the building. I'm always so careful to not lock the doors until I know I'm done going in and out and also careful to notice if someone else has locked the doors before me so I was completely shocked that I didn't notice they were locked when we left the building. What a night that was!

If crazy things happen to you too, I would love to know about them so I don't feel so bad. If not, then just enjoy the stories because I'm sure that they will keep coming! Cheers!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Educational software fail

Updates are coming... well... eventually. In the mean time, enjoy this from!