Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My job is constantly busy, crazy and stressful but there are also some awesome perks. Wine is one of those perks. There is always an open bottle somewhere near by and whenever I am at a work event there is plenty of the stuff to pass around. Another perk is that I work on a property surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, so you can’t complain about the scenery. Hmmm… pictures of the property would make another great blog post soon…

Anyway, one of the most fun perks is that the winery where I work puts on a summer concert series with some pretty big acts. This year, I have been put in charge of running the meet & greet sessions with the artists before/after the concert. It’s not that big of a deal, I gather contact info for all of the people with meet & greet passes so I can email them their photos after the concert and just direct people as they are in line waiting for their photo to be taken. See, not super exciting.

BUT at the first concert, after all of the meet & greet people went through the line and had their photo taken I was asked if I wanted MY picture with the band. Um, heck yes! So here is my photo with the band Foreigner (and our super cute intern).


Please excuse the fact that I look like a hot mess after running around in 103 degree heat all day and did not expect to have my picture taken.

Foreigner put on a great show and had the whole venue on their feet for practically the entire performance. At one point the lead singer came off the stage, jumped up on someone’s table (people are seated at tables because they get dinner before the concert), grabbed a bottle of open wine off of the table and took a big drink. I was fun to watch!

There are a few more concerts this summer so I hope to have more pictures to share as the concert season goes on. And for next concert I’ll be sure to be better prepared for the camera :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5th Anniversary celebration

We had a great time this weekend celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! I had to work on Saturday afternoon so that kind of took over our day but we still managed to go out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on Saturday night. We love The Cheesecake Factory because that is the restaurant Dave took me to before he proposed on a rooftop garden in Downtown Denver. Ah, memories :-)

On Sunday we continued our celebration with a day trip to the Point Reyes Lighthouse which is located north of San Francisco.


As you can see it was a foggy day. But we still had a lot of fun! We had to walk down 308 stairs (which the park claims to be about 30 stories, but I’m skeptical) to get to the lighthouse and it was well worth it. Being National Park nerds we made sure we arrived at the lighthouse just in time to hear a ranger talk about the history of the lighthouse and how the original beacon was lit everyday for over one hundred years. Yep, we like that kind of stuff.


We learned a lot about this and other lighthouses (did anyone know every lighthouse has its own signature light pattern?) and Dave and I were so impressed that we may just have to make a point to visit other lighthouses in the area. We’re nerds, I know.

Dave Lighthouse

After we had our fill of the lighthouse we hiked a short way to a hill overlooking the ocean and continued with our favorite anniversary tradition: reading our wedding vows to each other. We love doing this every year because we get to hear the exact words we said to each other on our wedding day and it brings us back to those memories and our commitment to one another.

Sarah Lighthouse

We had a great time celebrating our anniversary this year! What are some of your favorite anniversary traditions?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago I married my best friend. And today I love him more than I ever have.


I look back on our special day five years ago and I can remember every happening and detail. It seems like it was just last year that we were saying “I do”, but it has been half of a decade. Time has flown by so fast!


We have already conquered a lot together and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the years to come!


Happy 5th Anniversary, Dave! I love you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Girls night

Last night a group of my girlfriends met outside another friend’s house ready to surprise her for her birthday… And surprise her we did! We came barging into her house (after we knew the kids were in bed and her husband was out for the evening) armed with desserts, wine and chick flicks.

These girls are so sweet and I am lucky to call them all my friends.

We had a really fun evening chatting, watching a girlie movie and eating more dessert than any of us will admit to. Hehe! Happy Birthday, Brittany!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It’s been a while…

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy, tired, a little lazy and have just enjoyed having a little break. Also, I was kidnapped by ninjas.

Ok, well, maybe that last part wasn’t true. But that would have been kind of cool, right?

So, what have we been up to these last few months? A lot! Let me give you the highlight reel so you can get all caught up. Ok?

  • We celebrated all three of our birthdays! Gromit on April 14, Dave on April 24 and me on May 1.  
  • I took a trip to Colorado in May to see my next-to-youngest sister, Kelly, graduate from college. 
  • Dave rode in two local bike races. He is getting more and more into cycling lately and I’m sure having this nice weather all year long is a contributing factor to that. On the weekends he does 4-5 hour training rides. Not my idea of fun, but I’m glad he’s enjoying himself :-) Ignore the photo below with the watermark over it. Of course we’re not too cheap to buy the photo… 
  • We have taken many day trips into San Francisco where we have enjoyed sightseeing, dinner and sweet treats! It is so fun living close to such a big city!

  • We took a little trip in early June. Our first stop was in Santa Barbara where we visited my Aunt and Uncle for a couple of days, then we headed down to Disneyland for two days of Disney magic. Dave and I loved getting to spend a little one-on-one time together! We had an absolute blast! 
  • Our friend, Mark, came to visit for a few days around the 4th of July. While he was here we visited San Francisco, toured the Jelly Belly factory and ate yummy ice cream from Ghirardelli Square. I even made patriotic waffles on the 4th! 

That pretty much covers the big things that we’ve done in the last few months, so you should be all caught up now. I’m ready to continue to update my blog regularly again so check back soon for more happenings. I’ll do my best to keep those ninjas away ;-)