Friday, May 22, 2009

Updates, updates, updates

Sorry, I'm a slacker. I should have updated this a while ago. Here are some random thoughts and updates on what's been going on in our neck of the woods...

  • He LOVES to go outside. It is very difficult to get him back inside after going out for a walk or to potty.
  • He LOVES to chase squirrels. As soon as he sees one his ears perk up, his tail points straight up and he runs right towards it. When it inevitably runs up a tree he will sit under the tree and stare at it hoping it will come down. I think he would sit there all day watching if we let him.
  • We've been going to the dog park lately. On one such occasion there was an older woman there with her Pomeranian. Gromit loves to go and meet new people and be pet so he ran right up to her like he has with everyone else he has ever met. After having his head rubbed he walked right up beside her and lifted his leg on her shoe. I couldn't believe it! We apologized over and over and she just laughed it off and went home. I felt so awful! When we go to the dog park now we watch him very closely and warn people to watch their legs. I'm seriously paranoid that he'll do it again. What would possess this dog to pee on someone's leg? Why her and not others? We're still working on answering those questions, but until then, if you meet Gromit watch out for your leg!
  • He sits down in front of his bowl to eat.
  • He still has yet to bark. Crazy!
  • Thanks to Ashley, Gromit now has a cute little car seat for riding in the car with us! He's so short that it is hard for him to see out the windows so this seat allows him to be up high on the seat and to keep him more contained in case we have to stop quickly or make a sharp turn. He seems to enjoy it and we love watching him in it. Thanks Ashley!
  • I think we have fallen more in love with this dog than we ever thought we could. He is our little baby and we would do anything for him. We're so happy he is a part of our family now!
  • And now, some more pictures!

My Work

  • I was promoted! I was previously the event/volunteer coordinator and it was (finally) decided that my job responsibilities were far too great for any one person to handle so they split my position in half. After weeks of reviewing resumes and interviewing we found the perfect person to become the new volunteer coordinator! This is the first time in this organization that the volunteer coordinator position has stood alone from any other position and I think it was the best thing to do. I am now the event/marketing manager (a position that was created just for me) and I am loving it!
  • There is a volunteer that has been coming in for a couple of years now. She is developmentally disabled (older adult) and always comes with her helper, who also helps her to run her errands, go the library and with anything else she needs a couple of days a week. This volunteer heard that I got a dog recently and last Friday brought me a bag of dog biscuits for Gromit. I can't even describe to you how touched I am by her gesture. It's not just about dog biscuits... she obviously went out of her way to have her helper take her to the store just to get dog biscuits for me. When she only gets to have her helper around a couple days a week, she made it a priority to remember me and go get the treats. She was so proud presenting them to me and I was so overjoyed at her thoughtfulness and kindness. A thank you note and a picture of Gromit doesn't seem good enough to thank her. I'm so touched and words just can't describe how much that meant to me.

Dave's Work
  • The National Science Foundation is doing their five year site visit at Dave's lab - that means he has been working, working and working some more. Until the site visit is over I anticipate for him to be working, even on Memorial Day.
  • Many people at the lab have gotten dogs recently - I guess we followed suit!

Family and Friends
  • Kelly finished her first year of college! She had a rocky end of the year dealing with some inappropriate actions from her roommate, but I think that since I had gone through some similar things I was able to help her through it, thus making our relationship stronger. Hooray!
  • Curtis was accepted into Seminary school and received a full ride scholarship! Who knew that my little brother would become a pastor? I never saw it coming...
  • We got to spend Mother's Day with both my family and Dave's family. It was really great to get to see everyone on the same day!
  • We are so excited to go camping this summer! We have some great trips planned with various friends and family and we know we're going to make some great memories!
That's all for now. I'll do my best to keep up with our summer activities and post a lot of pictures from our upcoming adventures. Have a great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Until I have some time...

I swear I'll put some updates on here soon - but it wil take me a while to type them all! Until then enjoy this post from