Friday, September 27, 2013

Making Baby Food

Now that Carter has started eating solid foods I have been in full-on-type-A-personality-control-freak planning mode with menus (I designed my own weekly menu in excel) and schedules of when to introduce new foods (I made a Google Calendar specifically for which foods to introduce on which days) and acquiring all of the tools and gadgets necessary to make my own organic baby food. Typical Sarah.

On Tuesday night Dave and I took our first stab at making baby food. We made peaches, pears and sweet potatoes. Mmmmmm!

We really didn’t see the point in buying “specialized” baby food making gadgets so we are keeping the process simple by using tools we already had in our kitchen to puree the food including the blender, magic bullet and food processor. It’s working great!


Besides, I would rather spend money on the cool freezer trays that freeze the pureed food into perfect little 1oz half circles. So cute! And so practical! (and I found them for 1/2 off!) I also downloaded an organic purees recipe book to my kindle and to top it off I stocked up on bibs and little bowls and spoons. We are certainly all set for solids!


After a night in the freezer I was able to pop out the half circles and place into a freezer bags so the trays would be ready to use again.


I’m really enjoying making Carter’s baby food and I’m looking forward to making even more things with my cool freezer trays. And, of course, I’m looking forward to watching my little boy enjoy his food made with love by Mama and Daddy. 

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