Friday, September 20, 2013

First solid food

Tonight was the night - Carter had his first taste of solid food! On the menu this evening was Gerber Rice Cereal mixed with breast milk. Yum! How did he like it? See for yourself:

He had the mouth opening motion down (we’ve been practicing with empty spoons), but he wasn’t too sure about the new taste on his tongue. The good news is that he ate more than ended up on his bib, so all in all I guess that counts as a success!

We’re going to stick to trying milky rice cereal once a day for a week or so before introducing pureed fruits and veggies one at a time. That should be an adventure!


Although I’m excited for this next phase, I’m also a little sad to say goodbye to being his sole source of nutrition. I have fought so hard to breastfeed and I am so glad that I have been able to exclusively give him breast milk for the first six months of his life. It will be weird to see him start to eat food that is not from me. At any rate, we’ll continue breastfeeding until (hopefully) Carter is one, so fingers crossed that we can keep it up!

That’s all for now. Hooray for solid foods!

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