Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day weekend

It was a very special first Mother’s Day weekend for me! My parents and my brother and sister-in-law came to California to meet Carter and celebrate the holiday.


My mom was there when Carter was born and stayed in town for the first week after he was born but the rest of the group was meeting him for the first time. Carter loved meeting his Granddad and aunt & uncle! And I’m pretty sure they enjoyed meeting him as well :-)


I started off the weekend by going to a special Mother’s Day tea with my mom on Friday afternoon while my dad and Dave watched Carter. There is this super cute tea room in the town next to us and they offer tea parties with sandwiches, pastries, fruit and a whole menu of different teas. We tried the Almond Joy and Cherries Jubilee teas and both were delicious - and the food was amazing as well! It was a very special afternoon and I’m glad that I got to spend some alone time with my mom :-)

On Saturday we all took a driving tour of the town we live in and stopped off at the winery I work at to taste some wines and enjoy a shared bottle of chardonnay on the patio (which I didn’t get any pictures of, oops!). We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and Carter got to know his extended family a little bit better. And Gromit got in on some of the attention too.



Twins with Uncle Curtis! (We didn’t plan this…)


Mother’s Day was baby dedication day at church and that made the day all that more special for me. We were glad to be able to dedicate Carter to God and it was extra special to have my parents and Curtis and Daché here for the event.

We have become very close with our pastor and his wife so it was even more special that he did Carter’s dedication ceremony. The pastor was even a little emotional during the dedication, especially when Carter grabbed his finger during the prayer. So sweet!


It was a great weekend and we’re so lucky that Carter got to spend some time with extended family and celebrate Mother’s Day together.

I love my little baby bug and I am so glad that God chose me to be his mommy! My life is so much better with him in it and I loved celebrating my very first Mother’s Day with him. I look forward to all of the Mother’s Days to come!



  1. It was fun to see the baby detication!!

  2. Carter is beyond adorable and I love that last picture of the two of you!
    Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


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