Monday, April 29, 2013

Carter - 1 month

Carter James, you are one month old! 


Weight: 9 pounds, 3.2 ounces

Length: 21 and 3/4 inches 

Clothes size: Newborn size are getting tight length-wise but are still loose around your chest. 3 month size still looks a little big on you. You are just long and lean! 

Diaper size: Size 1, although it seems a little loose. Newborn size is too small though… is there a size 0?

2013-04-19 18.17.41

Sleep: You sleep in anywhere from 10 minute to 4 hour stretches, and it's hard to predict which one it will be each time you fall asleep. I try to nap when you do during the day (which isn't often) but it's hard to know how long we'll get to rest! 

Eating: You love to eat! You eat every 2-3 hours during the day and every 2-4 hours at night and would eat for hours if I let you, but most of the time I cut you off after 20-30 minutes on each side unless you are totally awake and actively eating (per the advice of the lactation specialist). Most of the time you eat in a relaxed and partially sleepy state but I do my best to keep you awake. 


Likes: Eating, swinging in your swing, falling asleep on Mama's chest, having your diaper changed and watching the mobile in your crib. 

Dislikes: Being stopped from eating and tummy time. There are times when if you aren't eating or sleeping then you scream and the only thing that will calm you down is eating again. When you start a nothing-but-eating-and screaming-cycle it wears both of us down. Hopefully this will end soon! 

2013-05-01 11.13.53

Milestones this month: First time coming home, first time meeting your puppy dog, first time meeting Grammy, Aunt Pat, Kendra and lots of church friends, first time in a car, first time going to a restaurant, really starting to study our faces... everything was a first this month! 

Memorable moments: Going anywhere with you because your daddy is so proud to show you off to anyone we know :-)

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  1. He is so handsome! Hang in there, those first months seethe hardest but it does become easier and SO much fun!


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