Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting comfy

I think we may have spoiled Gromit a little too much. In this cold weather we have been wrapping him up in blankets on the couch, letting him sleep in our bed (for a little bit each night), and turning on space heaters when we are home for him to curl up in front of.

Normally we keep a tan fleece blanket across the seats of the couch to protect the fabric from dog oils when Gromit is up there. Lately we have put a light blue, fluffy down blanket on the couch over the tan blanket for Gromit to snuggle with since it has been so cold. I know, I know… its a little much, but I don’t care. He is the only baby I have, for now, and he seems to like having that extra layer of fluff to sleep on.

Yesterday his blue blanket got dirty so I threw it in the laundry to wash. Apparently Gromit was missing his blue blanket and decided to try and fluff up the tan blanket as a more comfy spot to sleep on. Take a look:

G Comic Strip
I think we have a spoiled (and smart) dog on our hands!

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  1. That is too funny (and too cute). I love his name too.


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