Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back on the bandwagon

I haven’t been very successful with New Year’s resolutions in the past and so I didn’t really bother to make any this year. I figure that if I want to change something or improve how I do things I can do it anytime of the year. Right? Historically I have had a love/hate relationship with weight loss and this year I didn’t want to make it another resolution that fizzled out in a few weeks. I found that right now I don’t have the time or money (gym membership, home equipment, more fresh fruits & veggies, etc.) to truly give it all I’ve got and drop this extra weight. But something changed.

My future sister-in-law asked me and my sisters to be bridesmaids in her wedding in April! While she was in town this past weekend we all went bridesmaid dress shopping. My sisters are much smaller than I am, which I’m used to. My future sister-in-law is also tiny, and there was much discussion of the other two bridesmaids and their dress sizes (which were also tiny). I am the only bridesmaid who is nearly 5’ 10'” tall and has a dress size in the double digits. So needless to say I will stand out in a tall and wide kind of way. Yikes! Time to take action, and fast.

This past Monday I started Weight Watchers Online. In these first five days I’ve been doing well sticking to the plan, tracking the food I eat and staying within my points range - even though I am slightly horrified that I haven’t already dropped two dress sizes. Ha! Seriously though, I don’t have high expectations, I just hope to trim down a little and feel better about myself by the wedding, and hopefully, beyond.

I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband and supportive co-workers! Dave is so open to trying new Weight Watchers recipes and has also been helpful at eating all of the unhealthy food in the house so I’m not tempted to eat it. And my co-workers have offered to walk with me at lunch and bring healthier snack foods. I feel like I’m in a good place.

So, I’m committed for the next three months to stick to the Weight Watchers plan. Here’s to a healthier, happier (and better-looking bridesmaid) me!


  1. Good for you for doing the whole weight loss thing for good reasons and with reasonable expectations of yourself! You have always been georgous but I understand the wanting to feel better about yourself. I will be joining you in this attempted lifestyle change in about 15 weeks (9 til baby and 6 for recovery). I will be in your cheering section!

  2. Hey Sarah! You are one of the most determined people I know, and you have some great motivation! Soon enough along the way, you won't even need it, because you'll feel better (and look better, too!) :) Keep it up!


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