Monday, August 9, 2010

Look out! We might be contagious

Yesterday was a busy day of Geocaching for us and we were able to indroduce some of our family and friends to the concept along the way. Last weekend we found a trackable geocoin in a Geocache and decided to take it to another part of the state to place in another Geocache for someone else to find and move again. We invited my sister, Erin, and her boyfriend, Zach, along for the hike.Apparently after we invited them Zach researched Geocaching and was really excited to head out and try it.

We picked them up Sunday morning and headed up to the mountains for what turned out to be a beautiful hike. It took us a bit to find the Geocache but we finally located it and deposited the geocoin in it for the next people to find.

This cache had a lot of random stuff in it

Putting in the geocoin

The Geocaching crew - Zach, Erin, me, Dave and Gromit

After the Geocaching part of our hike we continued on to a nice lake where we took a break, ate some trail mix and watched as Gromit jumped in and out of the water and then ran around the lake with Dave chasing him. Good times. Gromit also found a nice mud hole and the bottom half of my white dog turned to black mud. Needless to say he got a bath the moment we returned home.

After a while at the lake we headed down the mountain, grabbed some lunch and headed home. I think everyone had a good time and Dave and I hope that Erin and Zach will come along with us another time in the near future!

Erin and Zach

That night we were able to share a yummy dinner with our good friends Rob and Brianna. We got to talking with them about the hike we had done earlier in the day and about Geocaching. When showing them how the Geocaching apps on our phones worked we discovered there was a Geocache really close to their house so we all decided to go out and try to find it. All of the GPS apps on our phones were taking us to the same spot but we couldn't find a cache. We looked at the description and the clues  about the cache hoping for some additional tips on where to look for it but we couldn't find anything like what we thought we were looking for. It was getting dark and we were avoiding sprinklers and were just about to give up on finding it when I went to look one more time and I found it!

It was nice to be able to actually find the cache when showing friends what Geocaching is all about, you know, so they didn't think we were crazy or something. I think we're going to try going on a Geocaching hike with them and our dogs in the next month.

So, family and friends, look out! We've gotten four people hooked on Geocaching in one day and you may be next!

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