Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Embracing Football

This year there will be a change in my household - I am going to watch football. I know, this isn't crazy or far fetched but for some reason when I was growing up there was a negative attitude towards the men in the house watching sports and I seem to have adopted that same attitude over the years. So I'm going to stop.

I like going to live football games and as a member of the color guard in the marching band in both high school and college I have been to my fair share. I understand the rules and how the game is played and I (mostly) know when to cheer and when condemn my beloved team for a bad play. For some reason my affinity for football just never transferred over to watching games at home - but Dave seems to enjoy it a lot. So this season I'm going to welcome football games (for local teams) on our living room TV.

I look forward to cheering on the Broncos, spending some more time with Dave and maybe even learning more about the game. And, if for some reason, I'm not getting into the game I can always go take a nap ;-)

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  1. YAY!!!!! It's about time to employ all my teachings ;)


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