Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wild G!

Dave and I have been letting Gromit stay out of his kennel during the day while we watch him on two web cams (or what we refer to as G-cams; and yes, I know watching our dog on web cams is a little crazy) to see how he is doing. We have had some problems in the past with him chewing on cords and cables, something he never attempts to do while we are at home. I bought some bitter spray to put on the cords, cables and other things we definitely don't want him putting his mouth on and sprayed it all around the apartment. So, we thought we would try again to let him out of his kennel. He has been doing great for a few weeks but yesterday he had a little wild spell and... well... just look at the pictures from the web cam.

Running across the coffee table

Looking for a good book to read

Checking out the firewood by the fireplace

After that little adventure of his I adjusted the location of some things in the apartment and sprayed another round of the bitter spray on everything just in case he was feeling a little extra wild today, but so far, he's been fine. We'll see how the next few weeks go!

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