Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Geocaching adventures

Over the last couple of weeks Dave and I have tried to fit in a few Geocaching hikes. This has turned out to be really fun to do! We are more motivated to get outdoors when there is a purpose and destination and we are discovering some new and beautiful trails right in our own town.

We do have to laugh at ourselves though because we have both downloaded Geocaching apps on our phones and now everywhere we go we are looking to see if there are any caches in the area, just for fun. Also, when we're looking for the physical caches and other people see us they look at us like we're crazy - I guess when we're lifting rocks and moving branches around it could look a little suspicious to people who have no idea what's going on. But, it is also kind of funny to watch their reactions.

Anyway, we've found two caches in the last couple of weeks! The first one took us two tries to find. We set out one morning before work to get a little exercise in and we must have looked for this cache for a good 20 minutes but never found it. We finally gave up and headed home. It bugged me all day that I couldn't find it and I kept thinking of all of the places it could have been hiding. When Dave got home that night I insisted that we go back and look again because I had a couple of new ideas about where to look this time. So off we went back to that area and we searched high and low with no luck; but I had one last idea. With true acrobatic skill I climbed the railing on a bridge, anchored my feet in the rail and looked under the bridge to find the cache! Ha! I did it! Had the canal not been full of water I'm sure this hunt would have been a lot easier. There was nothing in this cache except for the log so we signed it and left a golf tee for the next seekers to find.

On another day we headed further up the same trail as the previous cache to find another one. Many people hiking and running on the trail had stopped and warned us about rattlesnakes they had seen on the trail that day - surely they were concerned for us and our cute little dog who always goes hiking with us. Snakes are my least favorite thing in the world and I don't know what I would do if I actually encountered one. Actually, I'd probably freeze which would make me an easy target for striking. Needless to say I was a little leery of continuing but we went for it. After a very nice and snake-free hike we found the cache which was a film canister, signed the log and headed back down to the car.

A tired Gromit after a long and hot Geocaching trip

That updates you on our Geocaching adventures. Who knows what we'll find next!

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