Friday, September 25, 2009

The sweetest dog

We have the sweetest dog in the world! Here is a quick peek at some of the things Gromit does that just melts my heart.

  • When I come home after work he knows to sit politely in his crate until I walk over to let him out. When the crate door opens he jumps out and into my lap, licks my hand then rolls over on his back so I can rub his tummy.

  • He has been "burying" his bone in the house. He'll take his bone and hide it in different places around the house, like behind a trash can or under a bed, and he'll sometimes even take something else he finds on the floor, like socks, to cover up the bone so nobody can find it.

  • The other morning, after a long night of thunderstorms and wind, I woke up and didn't see Gromit in his bed or anywhere near by. I looked a little harder around the room and found him curled up in Dave's closet on a pile of clothes.

  • More often than not, Gromit falls asleep in the evenings leaning against my chest as I sit on the couch.

  • When we first got him he had a problem being motivated to come inside after walks so we started giving him a yogurt drop treat each time he came inside on his own. He now knows the treat is coming if he goes inside so he happily bounds down the stairs to the front door, goes inside and sits politely and waits for his prize.

  • Gromit loves to go camping! He knows that when he sees the sleeping bags pulled out of the closet that he's going on a trip and he gets so excited! He loves sniffing around, going on hikes (he usually leads us up the trail), rolling in the dirt and actually burying his bone.

  • He has just recently started to chase his ball. It's so fun to throw it, watch him pounce on it, play with it then bring it back to me.
  • Any time there is a cat, squirrel or other small animal noise on TV he immediately turns his attention to the TV to see what is going on. He once looked around to the back of the TV to see if whatever was making that noise was hiding back there.

I (and Dave) love that little dog so much that he is like our child. I can't imagine life without him. I am so glad we got him!

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