Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tour De Fat 2009

Have you ever heard of New Belgium Brewery? If not, you should. Not only do they make incredibly tasty beer but they also are a fantastic company. They are big on sustainability and every year across the country they hold bike parades and festivals called Tour De Fat (Fat Tire is their most famous beer) encouraging people to ride bikes instead of driving cars. People dress up in crazy costumes and ride through town on their bikes and then attend a festival complete with music, dancing and, of course, beer. This past weekend it was in our city and we certainly enjoyed participating for the second year. Here are some pictures and videos from the event. Enjoy the fun!

Thousands of people come out for the event!

People really take dressing up seriously...

Dave and I were Guitar Heroes!

And we're off!


  1. You two crack me up! Love the Guitar Hero costumes. That's pretty creative!!! Looks like you had fun.


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