Friday, January 2, 2009

Just when I thought 2009 was off to a good start...

We were home and trying to straighten up since we had a few rare days off from work and family gatherings. Dave was in the living room flipping through channels when he came across Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and called to me in the office that it was on. In my excitement to see Ty Pennington (who I am not ashamed to say is the the cutest carpenter on TV) I ran into the bedroom to turn on the other TV and misjudged my steps and ran my blistered toe into the wicker chest with a metal base sitting at the end of our bed. Instant broken toe.

The tip of my toe was very much right of where it should have been so I'm pretty sure it was broken. After a phone call to my nurse mother, we decided that there was nothing that a doctor could do for me so I put it back into place and taped it to my other toe.

It still hurts but I hope it will heal up soon. Leave it to me to break my toe trying to see a cute guy on TV. At least I can look back on this and have a good laugh!

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  1. I broke my toe on my door during band camp - hehe!


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