My Family

Hi! I'm Sarah, and this is my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I am a wife to a scientist, mama to my sweet boy Carter and the cutest dog in the world. I currently do marketing for a local winery and in past positions have been a nonprofit event planner, volunteer coordinator, PR and marketing guru and social media maven. I am passionate, organized, creative and detail-oriented and everything in my life is color coded. I love to camp, sleep, digital scrapbook, take pictures and plan parties - and I also to have an amazing ability to burn or ruin almost everything I try to bake. I am far from perfect, but at least God can see the beauty (and humor) in who I am and what happens in my life.

Dave is my wonderful, handsome, loving, caring, compassionate husband (since 2007), my BFF, my love and has his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. As a research scientist he works hard designing, researching and building laser systems and plays even harder as an avid skier, camper, hiker and mountain biker. He even has his own outdoor adventure blog. Be sure to take a look some time!

Carter is our precious son who joined our family in March of 2013. He is the light of our lives and we are enjoying getting to know him as he is growing right in front of us! While we can't wait to watch him grow and see who he becomes, we are also enjoying every stage of his early life and don't want him to get too big too fast (even if it means we aren't getting any sleep!).

Hands down, Gromit is the cutest dog in the world. Of course, I'm a little biased. Gromit is a six-year-old Westie and we rescued him from a local humane society in 2009. He has been an absolute joy to have in our lives and we are so glad he is ours! Gromit loves going on walks and hikes, getting his belly rubbed, chewing on bones, giving high fives, playing with his toys and doesn’t bark. He is truly our fur baby and we love having him in our lives!