Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok, so I’m a little slow on catching up with posts, but at least I’m trying, right? Hehe!


Halloween was last Wednesday and it was a lot of fun! This year I was co-chair of our church’s Fall Festival along with some of my other good friends. We spent the last few months planning and preparing to invite the church members and community onto our church lawn to play some fun games, win fun prizes, participate in a costume contest, travel through our maze, play in the bouncy houses, go on a hay ride and eat some delicious food.

Our committee dressed up as “busy bees” so that people knew who to come to for questions at the event.

The night was a success! Over 400 people showed up to participate in the event and we also had over 150 volunteers help us to set up, work at games, cook food, build the maze and clean up. It was a great event to be a part of! Of course since I was busy running around at the event I didn’t get any pictures of the actual setup or event (oops!) so you’ll just have to imagine how awesome everything was.

Go ahead and ignore the fact that we were exhausted and all of my makeup had sweated off by the end of the night (when we took these pictures).

Happy (late) Halloween!

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