Tuesday, September 25, 2012

13 weeks

13 weeks

How far along: 13 weeks

Size of Baby Bug: Baby Bug is the size of a peach; about 2.9 inches long and weighs about .81 ounces

Gender: I’m thinking girl, Dave thinks boy

Movement: I know there’s movement in there but I can’t feel anything yet

Sleep: I’m occasionally waking up between 3-4 in the morning and not able to go back to sleep. Not sure if that’s pregnancy or stress related…

Food cravings: Peas, soup, cheese and ice cream - but not all together

Food aversions: Anything with cooked tomatoes including pasta sauce, raw meat

What I miss: Coke Zero, blue cheese

Pregnancy side effects: Tiredness and acne

Best moment this past week: Hearing Baby Bug’s heart beat at my 12 week appointment

Looking forward to: Feeling baby move soon!



  1. yay, yay, yay! I am so excited to watch you progress through this journey! You are going to be an adorable preggo =)


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