Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok, I couldn’t stand it anymore - it is time for my Christmas blog design! I had a lot of fun designing it and couldn’t wait to put it up - so here it is!

On Sunday we did something that we haven’t done before. We hosted our inaugural Friendsgiving! We invited some friends over to our tiny and crowded apartment and we prepared a turkey, gravy, stuffing, rolls and mashed potatoes and our friends brought over some other side dishes including green bean casserole - my favorite! We also hand pumpkin and apple pie with optional ice cream for dessert. What a feast we had!


I think the hit of the party was the White Cranberry Peach Party Punch I made. It was so good and gone before I got a refill! It is really easy to make and you can find the recipe for it right here. Yum!

The turkey turned out great, especially considering it was only my second attempt at baking one. Dave and Mike were trying to figure out how to best carve the turkey by looking up some how-to instructions on their smart phones. Leave it to the techie guys to use their phones in such a… uh… useful way.

We all were able to eat and spend time together before the busy holiday season when we are all scooting around to our own relatives’ homes. It was so nice to be able to spend some quality time together and to enjoy each others company. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of Bryan & Suz who joined the party a little later and we also didn’t get a picture of ourselves! Oh well. Sorry! We also missed the friends who were unable to join us or lived too far away, but you were with us in spirit! We hope to have you join us next year.


We are so thankful for our wonderful friends, whether they have known us since Kindergarten or if we have just connected recently. Thank you to everyone who fills our lives with your love, kindness and friendship - we love and appreciate you!

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