Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goodbye, Tom

It is time to finally retire Tom the Tomato plant for the season. He stopped growing about a month or more ago; the tomatoes weren’t getting any bigger or greener despite Dave watering it three times a day. We think the root system didn’t have anywhere to expand so it just sort of stopped doing anything.


We were hoping that something would happen with it and we even added fertilized soil hoping it would help the plant grow more. But as you can see it’s now dying with the cold weather and inability to expand its root system; so we’re taking it down for the year. Over all, our experience with the Topsy Turvy is that it grew a small tomato plant, produced a handful of tomatoes, then didn’t do anything. If you are considering getting one, don’t. It’s not worth your time or effort for just a few tomatoes.

Maybe we’ll try using the Topsy Turvy grower again next year so we can get a few tomatoes before it stops growing, or maybe we’ll just have to plant a tomato plant in the ground, the old fashioned way.

Goodbye, Tom!

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